Saturday, December 14, 2013

2014 Race Calendar

2014 hasn't even officially started and I'm already registered for the following events:

1/1 - Brazen Racing's New Year's Day 10K
1/12 - Hot Chocolate 15K
3/8 - Way Too Cool 50K
4/5 - American River 50 Mile Endurance Run
4/27 - Big Sur International Marathon
7/27 - The San Francisco Marathon
9/21 - Ironman Lake Tahoe

I might disappoint some of my SF Triathlon Club friends, but after not completing the North Face Endurance Challenge (NFEC) 50 Mile Race, my desire to complete another 50 Mile Race is higher than completing a full Ironman (although the latter might come with more bragging rights). While I am past wallowing in sorrow over my not being able to finish NFEC, I still want to keep on moving and obtain that goal. Delaying that goal by a full year (and maybe even a full year and a half) does not work for me.

With this, American River (AR) 50 Mile Endurance Run is now my goal race. I have a tighter schedule to train for this, 16 weeks versus the 20 weeks I had for NFEC, but American River 50 is more forgiving when it comes to the elevation. 50 Miles is still nothing to scoff at. I don't think for once that there is truly such a thing as an easy 50 Mile race, or an easy ultra marathon (or marathon) for that matter.

Will I do NFEC 50 Mile again next year? All signs point to that probability. Even if I conquer AR 50, NFEC 50 Mile will always be the end goal for me. There were a lot of curve balls thrown my way during the race that I will have a full year to correct. I not only plan to meet the cutoff times, but I plan to beat them by a very respectable amount. Finishing is the goal, but finishing strong is the true goal.

Looking forward to a great 2014!

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  1. When Pen posted that she was pacing you at AR50, I asked if you knew she was making you run it - so cool that you are doing that race! And the NFEC again! That looks like a great list - I'll see you at Brazen NYD (Half for me) and hopefully at WTC (we are planning to go up and yell at the runners).